3 signs of a great SASE provider

You probably know that SASE provides secure anywhere access to high-performing applications—all while bringing management to one central location. But did you know some SASE architectures are more comprehensive than others? So, what do you look for?

1. They’re built to handle your unique needs

Your network is unique. Look for a provider with the hybrid cloud architecture to provide secure, any-to-any connectivity where your users and traffic are located—no matter your industry, network makeup or traffic model. This is a good sign they’ll be able to scale with your business when you need it.


Lumen® SASE Solutions offers:
  • The Lumen metro edge presence, with 60+ nodes
  • Cloud connectivity to 2,200+ public and private data centers
  • The Lumen Platform, built on the #1 peered global network1

2. They attract industry-leading partners

To build a SASE solution right, even experts need help. Find a provider that integrates its security and SD-WAN solution stacks with tested services from market-leading partners. This is a sure sign they’re the real deal and will keep you on the cutting edge.


Lumen® SASE Solutions offers:
  • Market-leading SD-WAN and security partners, including VMware and Fortinet
  • Your choice of partner when you configure service in the dedicated Lumen SASE marketplace
  • An open-ended architecture, allowing for integration of new partners

3. They support you for the long haul

There’s a lot more to this SASE thing than software. Look for a provider that supports you beyond day one with a tested yet innovative service model backed by decades of networking and security experience—because guiding your business outcomes is just as important as optimizing your network.


Lumen® SASE Solutions offers:
  • A dedicated online marketplace where you can design, price, purchase and configure your service
  • Self- and pro-managed options to fit your capabilities
  • World-class threat-detection on the Lumen network powered by Black Lotus Labs® threat intelligence

Choose the right SASE solution for your business

Among the largely software-only SASE offerings out there, only Lumen® SASE Solutions run on the Lumen Platform—a platform backed by one of the world’s most deeply peered networks. This enables the hybrid-cloud diversity needed for low latency, high performance and natively managed orchestration—backed by the market-leading SASE service and flexible service model to help carry you beyond the competition.

1 CAIDA, AS Rank, August 2022.