See what a survey of 250 U.S. IT leaders found they're looking for when it comes to edge security.

Distributed data demands distributed defense


49% of IT leaders have significant concerns about edge security.

IoT, robotics, AR/VR are driving distributed compute, network and storage, extending the enterprise perimeter across broader expanses.


This new infrastructure paradigm requires a holistic/integrated security approach that covers gaps in hybrid infrastructure with built-in threat protection.

IT pros are looking beyond the perimeter and 5G

of IT leaders say perimeter based security is no longer enough.

of IT leaders have significant security concerns about 5G networks.

Edge security takes end-to-end management

91% of IT leaders need a technology partner to help understand Edge Computing Solutions for business.

The complexity of managing the real time security and latency demands inherent to Edge infrastructure and 4IR technologies requires integration and coordination resources most businesses simply don’t have access to internally.

Edge protection begins with partnership

As latency-sensitive, data-intensive apps push edge computing security measures across distributed networks, IT leaders are looking for vetted partners for protection.

of IT decision makers say Edge must have data and application security services (e.g. WAF, Botnet protection, DDoS mitigation).

of IT decision makers say they need built in security.

of IT decision makers see integrated security as a must-have for apps in the cloud edge.

Integrated security and intelligence for your edge apps and data

Lumen delivers built-in, automated security for Edge Computing Solutions to protect distributed applications against cyberattacks before they do harm. Read the full report to see how your security strategy at the edge measures up. 

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