Which cloud environment is right for your business?

There are multiple types of cloud environments—each with distinct advantages and optimal use cases. Take a deeper look at the various capabilities of public clouds, private clouds and hybrid clouds to determine which solution best matches your unique needs.

Public Cloud 

Public cloud services enhance agility, giving you the ability to quickly adapt to evolving business needs.

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Private Cloud

Private clouds can provide greater control over the environment than public clouds. They offer more long-term affordability and easier maintenance compared to hosting or purchasing your own servers.

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Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid clouds are multi-cloud strategies that offer the control of private clouds and the agility of public clouds.

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Explore Lumen solutions that can help streamline your path to the cloud and address each phase of the cloud lifecycle with a securely connected cloud ecosystem built from our expansive network, cloud consulting and IT managed services. For each application, you can choose the right cloud, the right network and the right experts.

Hybrid Cloud Options

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