Explore trends from a recent study examining how IT pros are shifting to a new hybrid IT infrastructure that combines edge performance combined with cloud agility to deliver engaging customer experiences and drive growth.

Cloud IT is agile IT

The migration to cloud showed enterprises they don’t have to own operate IT infrastructure, freeing them up to focus on developing and deploying innovative new apps—and the majority want to keep it that way.

70% of US ITDMs say they would prefer only to manage applications and never manage infrastructure
79% of US ITDMS say on-prem infrastructure is expensive and consumes necessary space 
59% of US ITDMs would remove ALL computing from their organization’s premises

Latency sensitivity means keeping data local

But high-bandwidth, low-latency next gen apps like robotics and streaming analytics can’t wait for processing in distant data centers or even cloud cores. They need compute can handle more data, closer to where it’s deployed without a high volume of egress charges. Early adopters deployed edge on-prem, a cost-intensive strategy not ideal for the rapidly evolving nature of edge IT. For many, a hybrid distributed model that extends cloud is now the answer. Off prem is on trend.

75% US ITDMs are concerned high latency is impacting the quality of their applications 
50% of US ITDMs say that, in 5 years, their most mission-critical application will require 5 milliseconds or less
Only 22% of US ITDMs say they plan to keep on-prem computing as an integral part of their business
79% of ITDMS expect to use more VMs in the next five years
3/4 US ITDMs agree that an off-prem metro edge data center would meet their critical latency needs
8/10 organizations want a hybrid application ecosystem—cloud, on-premises and at the Edge – with industry-standard services and APIs and a single management tool for all of their environments

Edge compute is cloud complete

Cloud and off-prem edge combined offer the best of both worlds, increasing virtualization, speed and computing power with the efficiencies of the cloud to move and process data workloads flexibly and securely, right where they’re needed.

9/10 say edge solutions provide the best balance of cost and performance between on-prem and cloud environments
87% of organizations want the ability to move applications between major CSP data centers, colocation facilities, Edge Compute nodes, and on-prem hardware as needed.

Edge Computing would do a better job of lowering latency

On-prem infrastructure
The public cloud
Edge Computing (On-prem or Off-prem)


Lowering latency


Improving overall application performance


Handling data intensive workloads 


Lowering TCO


Keeping my data secure


Making my job easier


Reducing my management of hardware


Lowering costs
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The platform built for low-latency cloud and edge 

Lumen Edge Compute is an ideal complement to cloud, unifying distributed hybrid infrastructures into a seamless solution for deploying next gen applications, compute or data with maximum interoperability, speed and low TCO. Our broad edge node reach, ultra-low latency and open platform approach make it much more affordable to deploy edge in the fewest sites possible and maintain flexibility by avoiding lock in. 


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