Increasing network productivity


Powering SaaS applications


Driving user experiences

Fiber beats broadband

See what a survey of 200 IT Decision Makers (ITDMs) revealed about why fiber internet is essential to their business's ability to compete.


Faster Internet speeds

Less lag time

Easier access to cloud apps

Easier connection of devices to the cloud edge

1 in 4

ITDMs are unable to complete their work at least

once a week due to connectivity issues

Upload speeds are the difference maker

The exponential growth of the hybrid workforce has made fast uploads more critical than ever. Unlike traditional asymmetric broadband services, fiber services with symmetrical speeds provide equally fast uploads and downloads, delivering seamless two-way connections between cloud-bound apps and end users.



Is your business ready for fiber?

As market and technology forces continue to threaten application performance and employee productivity, organizations need internet service that’s fast, reliable, secure and easy to scale.


Lumen Fiber+ Internet service offers symmetrical speed up to 1 Gbps, with predictable pricing options and no data overages.


To learn more about why fiber matters and how it can help power your business, read the full report.