4 capabilities to look for in a DDoS protection service

From ransom DDoS to multi-vector attacks, it’s never been easier for bad actors to take down your business for hours or even days. To thrive in today’s threat landscape, you need fast, powerful protection that anticipates and outpaces even the largest attacks. But how do you know which provider to choose?

1. Fast to deploy and defend

Every second counts when you’re under attack. Look for a partner with a simple ordering process, transparent pricing and rapid turnup.


Lumen® DDoS Hyper®:
  • Can be ordered, configured and turned up in minutes
  • Features a predictable, flat monthly service rate regardless of size, length or frequency of attacks
  • 1-second time-to-mitigate for most attacks after traffic hits scrubbing centers

2. Powerful protection at scale

Non-network-based mitigation providers send data through third-party network routes, which can mean costly delays when you’re under attack. For effective mitigation, you need immediate access to massive bandwidth and routing options to keep your traffic moving freely.


DDoS Hyper offers:
  • 170 Tbps of network-based mitigation capacity enacted at 500+ global scrubbing locations
  • 7300+ unique AS interconnects1
  • Three layers of global scrubbing centers closer to customer end points for DDoS mitigation near the edge
  • Protection for any network, regardless of provider

3. Proactive threat detection and response

Cyberthreats are evolving faster than many in-house security teams can adapt. Your business needs a proactive solution that blocks DDoS bots before they hit your network.


DDoS Hyper includes:
  • 24/7 monitoring by nine global security operations centers (SOCs)
  • Rapid Threat Defense powered by Black Lotus Labs® threat intelligence, which automatically protects you against known threats before they hit a scrubbing center

4. Multi-layer protection at your fingertips

It takes more than speed and scale to defend your assets against increasingly complex attacks. You need equally sophisticated and diverse countermeasures to outmaneuver constantly evolving threats.


DDoS Hyper crushes multi-vector attacks fast with:
  • Additional cloud-based WAF and Bot Management capabilities for increased application layer protection
  • Protection from layer 3 and layer 4 attacks

DDoS protection has never been so simple

Lumen DDoS Hyper combines mitigation speed, power and sophistication with a simple, self-serve buying process to stop attacks in their tracks.

1 The Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis, AS Rank, May 1, 2022.