4 ways SD-WAN drives digital business

Companies looking to unleash their business potential need solutions that make network management simpler and more efficient. Research from analyst firm Ovum finds enterprises that adopt SD-WAN see substantial improvements in four key areas.


47% improvement
in network uptime


38% better
threat response


37% easier
network upgrades


36% increase in
application performance
Overall, enterprise IT executives adopting SD-WAN realize 31% average net added value.
Over the next two years, they expect
65% average improvement in net added value.
While powerful, SD-WAN is just one part of an adaptive network that builds value by combining multiple components in a unified platform. See the Ovum research for more insights on how to simplify and secure your hybrid network environment.

Ovum, Real improvements, real life gains: enterprises realize the benefits of adaptive networking, August 2019.

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